Siyabonga Bukhali is a 20-year-old young man who goes to a school at Oliver’s House, Benoni, Alberton. Siyabonga shared his inspiring experience with the DREAMSTAA program, under the guidance of GP’s peer educator Nombuso Masondo.

“As time went by, I started enjoying the program more as there was so much to learn. This makes me even happier as I benefited from it. It would be great if other members of DREAMSTAA would go to other schools in my area as well because when I told my other friends about it, they enjoyed listening to me talk about what we learned and wanted to be exposed to the initiative. Also, I never thought I’d be able to learn how to write a C.V and be taught how I should be applying for a job, and what is expected from me as a job applicant, from the way to dress etc.”

Nombuso is not just a DREAMSTAA member but a sister to all of us as she helps us with so much. We got to know about each other’s stories and what we all had in common was the curiosity of how we could better our lives. I don’t want to lie I knew nothing about volunteering and how it is of great help to others to volunteer and help, she taught us all that. I then started volunteering at my school and it felt good. I realized that volunteering is also a deed that I can include in my C.V and I’m definitely sure that employers won’t hesitate when it comes to hiring me.

Nombuso Masondo and Nosipho Yaba were the winners of our DREAMSTAA Rewards competition. Nombuso was very excited because she is the first winner in Gauteng. Nosipho felt blessed for winning and was grateful that her hard work was being recognized and acknowledged.